TauDEM Toolbox in QGIS

TauDEM Toolbox in QGIS

You might want to use the TauDEM Toolbox in QGIS. The QGIS docs give you all the detail on the available algorithms but you need to install and configure the toolbox yourself. You might get error messages about mpiexec not being being found on your system.

QGIS installs most of the required TauDEM dependencies and so you only need to install the Microsoft MPI executable (on Windows) or Open MPI (on Linux / Mac OSX). Get the latest MPI installer (v8 at time of writing) here. Install in the default location.

Register and download the TauDEM archive from here and then extract to some location - e.g. C:\Program Files\TauDEM537exeWin64

Switch to QGIS and open the Processing toolbox option in QGIS (Ctrl + Alt + C)

  • Expand the Providers section
  • Expand the TauDEM (hydrologic analysis) section
  • Check the Activate box - x
  • Add the MPICH2/OpenMPI bin directory - C:\Program Files\Microsoft MPI\Bin
  • Add the TauDEM command line tool folder - C:\Program Files\TauDEM537exeWin64
  • Add the TauDEM multifile command line tool folder - C:\Program Files\TauDEM537exeWin64
  • Click OK

Run a TauDEM algorithm.